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Current Updates of Myanmar National Single Window

Myanmar Customs Intelligence System (MCIS) and Myanmar Automated Cargo Clearance System (MACCS) have been operated in Yangon since November 2016. In MACCS system, Myanmar Customs Department has allowed other governmental departments such as Department of Trade under the Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar Port Authority under the Ministry of Transport and Communication, Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health and Sports, Plant Protection Division, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, Department of Fishery under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and Myanmar Economic Bank under the Ministry of Planning and Finance to get access and provide the approval and necessary action as part of the approval process for the customs declaration. Moreover, Importers/Exporters, Customs Brokers from Trading Community and Air Cargo Companies, Freight Forwarders, Container Yards, Airline Companies, Shipping Line Companies, Shipping Agencies from Transport Community have participated to use the MACCS.

MACCS system has successfully launched at Myawaddy border check-point (Thai border) in June 2018. Continually, the use of the MACCS will be expended to the remaining border checkpoints.

The consultant of the Myanmar NSW Implementation has recommended that Myanmar should consider with three phases approach for the development of the NSW to be able to join the live operation of the ASW.

The first phase(Phase 1) would be to establish the necessary basic functionality within the CO issuing authority of Ministry of Commerce e-CO system to be able to send out the e-Form D as well as the CO receiving authority of Customs Department to be able to receive the incoming e-Form D and generating the RES (REC or NOT).

  • We have developed the AXWAY ASW Gateway and NSW-Routing Platform with the assistance from the USAID.
  • Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce, launched the CO system in December 2018 and the NSW-RP is ready to perform the testing of exchanging the e-ATIGA form D with any interested member states who would like to conduct the testing with Myanmar.
  • We have already made the end-to-end connectivity testing with Indonesia in 2018 and currently, the arrangement has been made to fix some technical issues. Myanmar has aiming to join the live operation by June 2019.

In the second phase (Phase 2), Myanmar will expand the architecture of the system development to be able to exchange ACDDs, and e-SPS Certificate via the ASW live environment.

The third phase (Phase 3) would involve the process to develop a fully functional NSW.

The first phase (Phase 1) Implementing:

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) is the authority for issuing preferential Certificate of Origin (CO) in Myanmar. To facilitate the application process for exporters, MOC has successfully launched e-CO System on 12th December 2018 with the assistance from some development partners. The traders can apply all of the preferential CO Certificate online.

To join live implementation of e-ATIGA Form D, our initial plan is to accomplish the implementation of e-Form D to be exchanged and we are in the process of completing the installation of the production server and the infrastructure for the 24/7 access to be ready by the end of May 2019.

At this stage, the NSW in Myanmar is able to send out the e-ATIGA Form D and able to receive the e-ATIGA form D and able to generate the RES (REC or NOT) but we may need to test with any members who are interested to do the testing. Myanmar will be able to start the End to End testing in May 2019.


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