Monday, 30 September 2013.

A delegation of 17 senior Cambodian officials led by His Excellency Chanmeta KAN, the Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Commerce Cambodia made a visit to Malaysia on 25-26 March 2013. The delegation comprised of officials from Cambodia’s various Government agencies including the General Department of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, Sihannoukville Autonomous Port and others. Three World Bank officers involved in the funding and assisting Cambodia’s National Single Window (NSW) development were also part of the delegation. The main objective of the visit was to study Malaysia’s implementation of the National Single Window (NSW) for Trade Facilitation. Cambodia was in their preparatory work to establish the strategic plan and roadmap for the NSW development. They wish to raise awareness and build a strong foundation to progress further by learning from the experiences of neighbouring ASEAN countries. The delegation visited the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) Headquarters in Putrajaya, and Dagangnet Technologies Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur on 25 March 2013. The delegation’s visit to RMC was received by the Director General of Customs together with its senior Customs officials from various departments. The delegation was given the opportunity to understand Malaysia’s Customs functions and procedures and an insight towards the important service levels required to meet trade facilitation objectives. This includes the background, development and the challenges that Malaysia experienced in developing its NSW. The delegation managed to understand better how agencies can coordinate and integrate their operations efficiently and effectively through joint allocation of tasks and duties. The visit to Dagangnet provided more information for the officials to engage on Malaysia’s experience in developing and implementing its NSW system, myTRADELINK. Dagangnet as the service provider for Malaysia’s NSW shared their experience in terms of the systems infrastructure, technical operations and the technologies adopted to run the NSW. Dagangnet’s experience in modernising the procedures to facilitate trade was also discussed. On the following day, the delegation made an official visit to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) of Malaysia, whereby the programme started with a Courtesy Call by the delegation on Datuk Dr. Rebecca Fatima Santa Maria, the Secretary General of MITI. After receiving a warm welcome by the Secretary General, the discussion session focused on trade processes and initiatives taken to assist the industry players through trade facilitation measures and continuous engagements. The programme continued with a briefing session led by Ms. Harjit Kaur, Senior Director and head of the Investment and Trade Facilitation Division, MITI. She welcomed the distinguished delegation and indicated the ministry’s appreciation on the interest shown by the Cambodian officials on Malaysia’s NSW model and hopes to provide Cambodia with examples essential for the development and progress of Cambodia’s NSW. The Director of Trade Facilitation and Technology Section presented on the roles and functions of MITI in Trade Facilitation. The delegation was given further insights by Trade Cooperation Division on the issuance of the Preferential Certificate of Origin via electronic (e-PCO) for exporters to enjoy tariff reduction or zero duty when exporting products to ASEAN countries and countries that have Free Trade Agreements with Malaysia. MITI also issues ePermit, for import and export license applications for goods classified under the Customs Prohibition of Import/Export, Customs Act 1967. Another presentation was on the ePermit Strategic Trade Act (ePermit STA) which requires manufacturers, traders and forwarders of strategic items, to apply for permits as required under the Strategic Trade Act (STA) 2010. The STA 2010 is the legislation that controls the export, transhipment, transit and brokering of strategic items and technology, including arms and related material, as well as activities that may facilitate the design, development, production and delivery of weapons of mass destruction. The Act is consistent with Malaysia's national security and international obligations. The visit concluded with a working lunch where officials of both countries discussed further on trade facilitation and Single Window issues and challenges. Malaysia is happy that we were able to share our experiences with another ASEAN Member State in developing their NSW. It is our hope that the sharing of information will provide an insight for Cambodia to develop a comprehensive and holistic NSW system that combines the latest technologies that can enhance the capability of the system in facilitating trade.

MY 1

MITI officers welcoming the arrival of the Cambodian delegation

MY 2

Cambodian delegation received by the Director of Trade Facilitation and Technology Section, MITI

MY 3

The delegation was warmly received by the Secretary General of MITI

MY 4

Secretary General of MITI during the Courtesy Call session with the Cambodian delegation

MY 5

The on-going discussion between the Secretary General of MITI and the delegation

MY 6

Exchanging of ideas between the Cambodian officials and MITI’s Secretary General

MY 7

H.E Chanmeta KAN, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Commerce Cambodia explaining on the current status of Cambodia’s NSW development

MY 8

Secretary General of MITI explaining the importance of NSW as part of the trade facilitation initiatives

MY 9

The host of the Briefing Session comprising of MITI officials with other government agencies including Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC)

MY 10

H.E Chanmeta KAN, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Commerce Cambodia addressing at the Malaysian officials on behalf of the Cambodian delegation

MY 11

Cambodian delegation during the Question and Answer (Q&A) session

MY 12

Discussion on the NSW services between the Malaysian government officials and the Cambodian delegation

MY 13

World Bank representatives as part of the Cambodian delegation

MY 14

On-going discussion over the Networking lunch

MY 15

Cambodian delegation with the World Bank representatives enjoying lunch with the Senior Director of Investment and Trade Facilitation Division, MITI

MY 16

Briefing session at Dagangnet Technologies’ office in Kuala Lumpur

MY 17

Cambodian officials perusing the information booklet presented by Dagangnet Technologies

MY 18

Continued discussion between DNT and Cambodian officials

MY 19

Token of appreciation by Dagangnet’s representative to the head of Cambodian delegation



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