Thailand NSW Core Functionalities and Services

Thailand National Single Window is the facilitator to enable electronic data and information sharing and integration between government to government partnerships (G2G), government to business partnerships (G2B) and business to business partnerships (B2B) for import, export and logistics. It also facilitates international cross-border data and information sharing between government and business sectors in Thailand and other countries. National Single Window system enables a single submission of electronic document by the trader such as a single data preparation and submission of customs declaration and duty payment for customs release and clearance.

Core components of Thailand National Single Window comprise the following functionalities:

  • National gateways for electronic documents exchanged among 36 government agencies and business communities in relation to import, export and logistics;
  • National standard data set service on import and export for government agencies and trading communities ;
  • Integrated Paperless Registration system and security service accessed by relevant parties for all member users who would like to access various national single application services ;
  • Asingle window entry point for member users to directly access various services such as single sign on, data preparation,import and export licenses, electronic payment, track and trace;
  • Technical utilities and facilitators including standard conversion, digital signature and data encryption ;
  • International cross-border data exchanged facilitator between Thai government authorities and other countries, such as the Customs Department, Live-Stock Department, Department of Agriculture, Department of Foreign Trade, Department of Industrial Work and Thai Chamber of Commerce ;
  • International cross-border data exchanged facilitator between Thai businesses and their business partners in oversea ;
  • Experimental system available for any new comer who want to learn and try Thailand National Single Window Service ; and
  • Help Desk and Call Center available for 24 x 7


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