PNSW Services & Functionalities

For the Importer/Exporter:

  • Registration /Accreditation with PNSW
  • Creation and validation of application
  • Submission to relevant agency
  • Notification of status
  • Electronic payment of agency fee

For the Agency User:

  • Notification of the receipt of an application
  • Receive and process the application
  • Receive payment
  • Recommend approval/Rejection
  • Notify Importer/Exporter
  • Approval
  • Make license, permit or clearance available to Customs

The current PNSW project, which is the initial phase of the overall NSW program in the Philippines, provides the following functionalities:

  • Registration of importers/exporters with the NSW via the internet
  • Application for and issuance of the necessary permits, licenses and clearances to support the import and export processes
  • NSW Mobile which allows access to the system by registered BlackBerry users
  • Digital Signatures for security of documents
  • Content Management which allows users to design and manage their documents
  • NSW link to Customs Operational System helps alleviates the occurrence of fake permits, clearances and licenses in the goods clearance process
  • e-Payment facility for traders to pay agency fees (if any)
  • Executive dashboard provides real time reporting on productivity and business performance measurements
  • VOIP technology in the agencies which equips them with a faster and more reliable communication infrastructure


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