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The Thai Customs Department

Ministry of Finance

Department of Foreign Trade

Ministry of Commerce

Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand

Ministry of Industry

Department of industrial works

Ministry of Industry

Department of Livestock Development

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The Revenue Department

Ministry of Finance

The Board of Investment

Ministry of Industry

Department of Fisheries

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The Fine Arts Department

Ministry of Culture

Department of Energy Business

Ministry of Energy

Office of the Cane and Sugar Board

Ministry of Industry

Department of Primary Industries and Mines

Ministry of Industry

Department of Mineral Fuels

Ministry of Energy

Department of Land Transport

Ministry of Transport

Office of Atoms for Peace

Ministry of Science and Technology

Defence Industrial Department

Ministry of Defence

Department of Provincial Administration

Ministry of Interior

Department of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Department of Medical Sciences

Ministry of Public Health


Department of Forestry

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Department of Internal Trade

Ministry of Commerce

Electrical and Electronics Institute

Ministry of Industry

Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Rubber Authority

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited

Ministry of Transport

Marine Department

Ministry of Transport

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand 

Ministry of Transport

Department of Mineral Resources

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Thai Industrial Standards Institute

Ministry of Industry

Department of Disease Control

Ministry of Public Health

Port Authority

Ministry of Transport

Food and Drug Administration

Ministry of Public Health

Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission


The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade


The Federation of Thai Industries


Key Application Services

The National Single Window enables secure electronic document exchange among 36 government agencies and trading communities, serving about 660 customs stations nationwide including customs houses, container yards, inland container depots, free zones, export processing zones, warehouses, seaports and airports since 2008. Table 1 lists the key documents being exchanged among relevant parties through the National Single Window.

Table 1: Major Documents Exchanged via THAI-NSW

Import Customs Declaration

Cancel Declaration

Export Customs Declaration

Import License

Short Ship Declaration

Inland Declaration

Release Order (Board of Investment)

Special Import Declaration

Duty Payment

Export License

Duty Refund Declaration

Quota License

Tax Incentive Declaration

Import Certificate

Vessel Schedule

Export Certificate

Flight Schedule

Certificate of Origin

Sea Cargo Manifest Declaration


Air Cargo Manifest Declaration

Transfer Declaration

Land Cargo Manifest Declaration

Bonded Warehouse Declaration

Container Operation Declaration

Good Transit Declaration

Express Goods Declaration

RFID Declaration

Cargo Movement Declaration

Response Message

Cargo Release Notification

Debit Advice

Payment order

Credit Advice

Guarantee Deposit Declaration

Guarantee Refund Declaration

Formula Model Declaration

Reassessment Notification

ASEAN Customs Declaration Document


Customs Clearance Result

Cancel Instruction

Export Information (Export Declaration and Invoice Information)



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