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Viet Nam had launched her National Single Window since November 2014 with the involvement of nine ministries, including the Customs Administration under the Ministry of Finance.


The Vietnam National Single Window (VNSW)is an integrated system that allow:

  • Parties involved in international trade submit/send standardized data and information to a single point;
  • Government agencies process data and information and make decision based on consistent and unified processes; issue decision and send the decision to the system on the basis of the agreement to provide and exchange information between government agencies; and
  • The Customs makes final decision on clearance and release of cargoes and conveyances on the basis of decisions taken by line ministries and agencies and communicated in a timely manner to the Customs.


  • To develop the Vietnam National Single Window to become a key supporting and implementing tool of government agencies and business community in international transport and trade activities;
  • To ensure national security and community health; to enhance governance capacity; to facilitate trade and improve national competitiveness;
  • To ensure that transactions, processes and decisions of the VNSW are implemented in a consistent, simple, transparent and effective manner;
  • To be ready to integrate into the ASEAN Single Window as in the spirit of the Agreement and Protocol on establishing and implementing the ASEAN Single Window for a ASEAN economic community by 2015 and to be ready to link and exchange trade data with other trading partners in the world.

The Conceptual model
          The conceptual model demonstrates the linkages between six major components in international trade and transport through National Single Window system and ASEAN Single environtment, include:

  • The Customs being responsible for clearance and release of importation, exportation and transit of goods and conveyances;
  • Regulatory government agencies involved in international trade and transport;
  • Banks, financial institutions and insurance companies;
  • Transport and forwarding community;
  • Business community involved in international trade;
  • ASEAN members and other global trading partners.





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