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TradeNet® is a national-wide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System which alows the various parties from the public and the private sectors to exchange structured trade message and information electronically. The major Government agencies which are using TradeNet® for the exchange of trade and shipping messages with the private sector are Singapore Customs and various others which exercise control on the import, export and transhipment of goods.

TradeNet® has integrated the import, export and transhipment documentation processing procedures. It reduces the cost and turnaround time for the preparation, submission and processing of trade and shipping documents and expedites the clearance of the cargo.

Since its implementation in 1989, TradeNet® has undergone several version upgrades. For example, on 30 October 2007, TradeNet® was upgraded from Version 3.1 to Version 4.0 to increase system efficiency and to simplify the permit structure. On 1 January 2012, TradeNet® was upgraded from version 4.0 to version 4.1 to align the system to international standards and facilitate future cross border trade and data exchange with Singapore's trading partnters.

Please refer to the Singapore Customs website at for more details.

NSW Updates

Singapore National Trade Platform (NTP) will be implemented in phases from end 2017/ 2018 and will eventually replace the existing TradeXchange and TradeNet. The B2B services (replacing existing TradeXchange) was launched in end 2017. The B2G services (replacing existing TradeNet) will be progressively rolled out in 2018.


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